Help the environment with quality recycling

The average family spends £3,000 or more on their first baby in just a year. Be clever and save up to 90% by purchasing nearly new items for your children. Second-hand does not have to mean second-best! The reality is that if it's available new, it's available second-hand. You avoid getting yourself into baby related debt, while protecting the environment from creating unnecessary pollution.


What can I buy?


Because we want to keep the little ones entertained, we have: face painting, balloon modelling, children's entertainers and a bouncy castle. Entertainment may vary slightly from event to event.


Enjoy yourself!

Many mums get together with their friends and use the event to socialise as well as shop.

The Sail & Anchor Coffee Shop offers a delicious menu and awesome coffee. There are plenty of chairs, tables and sofas where you can socialise; also, there's a soft play area for the younger ones.



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Family oriented market where you can resell your baby and children's gently used items and earn money.


Advertise your business or sell handmade items aimed for families.





Mill Hill East Church

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