For those of you wondering who am I and why on earth would I bother to organise this extensive event: My name is Raluca. I am a wife, mother of 2 gorgeous boys and professional photographer when not changing nappies. I live in Mill Hill East, North West London and absolutely love my community.

My dream is to see more families consume healthy, organic food from local vendors; witness local attractions receive the attention they deserve; meet confident mothers who believe in themselves and live in a vibrant, productive neighbourhood that loves the environment.

Do you want to join in my vision?

Raluca organiser preloved mum and baby market london mill hill east
Raluca organiser preloved mum and baby market london mill hill east

We love bumps and babies

We help mums make a bit of extra cash

We encourage recycling and reuse

We respect the environment

We promote babywearing & breastfeeding

We create mum and baby networks

We recommend organic & healthy food

We support the local community

Preloved Mum and Baby Market is a local community event where mothers can resell their nearly new baby and children items. By doing so they earn money, while other mothers enjoy amazing bargains with up to 90% off. All this while saving the earth!


If you want to know how reselling your clothes helps the environment, you must watch The True Cost Movie.

source: youtube.com

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Family oriented market where you can resell your baby and children's gently used items and earn money.


Advertise your business or sell handmade items aimed for families.





Mill Hill East Church

Salcombe Gardens



T. 07590822693

E. info@prelovedmarket.co.uk

W. www.prelovedmarket.co.uk

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