Stallholders FAQ

If there's anything we've not dealt with, please feel free to contact us anytime and we'll be happy to help...

1. What is this market about?

A venue where mothers can sell their no longer needed baby items, toys, kids’ clothes, maternity, nursing clothes etc to make cash, declutter their homes and save the earth. Also, an opportunity to promote local businesses and meet new people.


2. How much does a stall cost and how do I pay?

Preloved Stall (mothers sell used items) £30

Craft Stall (sell handmade items) £30

Business Stall (sell products or have information stand) £50


You just select the BOOK A STALL page from the menu. There you select which stall you’d like to book and follow the PayPal instructions. For those who don’t have a PayPal, you can complete the payment with a Debit or Credit Card.


3. Do I need to pay anything else?

No. All the profit is yours to keep!


4. What do I get when purchasing a stall?

  • One table approximately 1.8m x 0.6m (6’ x 2’) at one of our events
  • Additional space behind and either side of the tale
  • A chair or 2 if required


5. Do I need to bring anything?

Not really, but it helped if you had these with you:

  • Plenty of change and plastic bags to give your customers
  • For presentation, a white table cloth
  • If you sell clothes maybe a clothes hanging rail with hangers
  • Pricing labels


6. What are the set up and pack up times?

Stallholders have to arrive one hour before the market starts, in order to set up and 30 mins are allocated for packing up at the end of the event.


7. What can I do to get ready for the event?

  • Clean and fix all items you plan to sell
  • Search the web to get an idea how much your items are worth then price them accordingly
  • Send us a few images of your most valuable items. We will post these on Facebook to attract buyers


8. Can I share a table with someone else?

Yes. Bring a friend along to keep you company or maybe even get them to share your stall and split the cost.


9. Can I have my stall positioned next to a friend who is also a stallholder?

Yes and no. Stalls are allocated on a first come, first served basis. Whoever gets to the market first gets to choose. If you arrive early enough, then yes, but if you only get to the market minutes before opening, there may not be 2 tables next to each other left.


10. What can I sell on a preloved stall?

Below is a list of possible items you could sell. Please make sure all objects are clean and in working condition.

  • Baby items: clothes, bottles, toys, prams, walkers, bouncers, hats, cot bed, cloth nappies, ergonomic carriers
  • Kids’ items: clothing up to the age of 10, books, toys, puzzles, bikes, shoes, clothes
  • Maternity and nursing items: bras, trousers, dresses, pads, breast pump


11. What happens if I arrive late?

Late arrivals will NOT be admitted within 30 minutes of the market opening time as this does not allow enough time to set up the stall.


12. Can I cancel my stall?

Once a stall has been booked, the fee cannot be refunded. We might be able to accommodate you at a future date, depending on availability.


13. Can you guarantee I will make a profit?

No, unfortunately, we can’t! We have an extensive marketing campaign, aiming to bring hundreds of shoppers through the doors, however, we cannot control people. Also, it depends what you have for sale and how much you ask.


14. How can I make most money?

Remember to smile! A smile works wonders for attracting buyers - it works like a magnet! Say hello to shoppers ("can I help you" or "are you after a particular size"), offer suggestions, pull out different clothes in the same size, etc. This might just be your key to selling everything or nothing at all!


15. How can I help you attract more shoppers?

We need to work together to invite as many people as possible. Please share our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter and Instagram, comment and share our content. The more people hear about the market, the more will come.


16. What happens if it rains?

Nothing happens. The event goes ahead, just as planned, as all activities take place indoors.


17. What is teh difference between a craft and bsuiness stall?

A craft ( handmade stall) is suitable for someone selling items they have created themselves which they do not sell as a business, but rather as a hobby. Business owners have more merchandise to sell and are more established. They might also own a logo, website and be registered as a company.


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Family oriented market where you can resell your baby and children's gently used items and earn money.


Advertise your business or sell handmade items aimed for families.





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